The Mindful Guide to College Prep

A Five-Day Retreat for Students and Their Parents

Mindful-Guide-CoverIn her new book, Lisa Moore presents techniques for students and their families as they prepare for the changes ahead.


I’d like to introduce you and your family to five different practices drawn from ancient and modern tradition—tea drinking, mandala drawing, yoga, meditation, and journaling. Together, these practices provide an incomparable balance to a fast-paced world, offering the solace and self-understanding so important to families in a time of change.

These practices are repeated with important variations on each of the retreat’s five days. As we move from one practice to another, we will travel between different states of mindfulness, growing accustomed to habits most workplaces and schools fail to cultivate, treating ourselves as the ultimate source of wisdom. For at its core, mindfulness involves trusting oneself, judging less, and coming to see that we’re all connected. Once you trust yourself, you’ll find that the answers to many of the most important questions are already right inside of you. Eventually you will need no system, no teacher, no guru, because intuitively you will know what is good for you—you are all you need. It’s that easy.


teacup_ginger (1)

Nurturing someone through the technology of a website is less than ideal, so I want to suggest something we can all share. Here it is: the warmth of a cup of tea. As you brew the tea, pour it, inhale its earthy scent, and drink it, something close to meditation will happen, bridging your inner life and the outside world (not surprising, as tea has a deep connection with ancient practices).



A mandala is a sacred circle, a ring whose subdivided interior Hindus and Buddhists have long used to depict the universe. In addition to their remarkable spiritual resonance, mandalas possess healing powers supported by Western scientific research. Simply coloring a mandala can bring calm, lowering your heartbeat and stilling your thoughts. So put your crayons or colored pencils to work, making each drawing an expression of your playful inner child. Add your own creative flourishes, opening the beauty of your heart. Feel free to print this mandala and color it, or create your own.


As you move through these simple poses, they will become familiar and fluid, a pathway to meditations you can carry out while in motion. It is within these simple movements meditation while active can happen. This skill can be carried into your daily chores, work, studies or play. These poses are not intended to make you “strong” or “sexy” or “desirable.” This is about falling in love with yourself, not conforming to someone else’s fantasy.

Down Dog

Down Dog

Forward Fold

Forward Fold

Finger Tips

Finger Tips


Guided meditations like this one are included in the book. If you are new to meditation or have meditated for years, I would like to share one 10 minute guided meditation with you. To get a flavor for one type of guided meditation from the book, click the link here.

Journal Exercises

team 2

Journaling Exercise:

Creating Your Tribe
Journaling Exercise:

    Creating Your Tribe

    Our tribe is the community around us. It is the friends, family and others that make up the fabric of our lives.

    As you think about the people in your life, to whom do you have the deepest emotional connection? With whom can you share your deepest secrets and feelings? List only that person/people.

    What are some of the feelings you experience when interacting with those people? List those feelings below:

    Think about other members of your tribe. Who do you simply enjoy being with? List those people below:

    What are some of the feelings you experience when you are with these people? List those feelings below:

    The people listed above are candidates for your tribe. Your tribe is a small group of people that you stay close with, confide in, those to whom you can speak your heart’s truth without fear of rejection, comparison, put downs or “told you so’s.”

    As you think about other members of your community, with whom is it difficult to have a meaningful relationship? List those people below:

    What are some of the feelings you experience when dealing with a difficult person/people? List those feelings below:

    When I interact with people that I find difficult, and we all interact with people that we find difficult, one way in which I can make this easier on myself is to have a supportive tribe in my life. There are other things I can do as well:

    • I can be true to my own needs
    • I can keep my personal boundaries clear
    • I can say “no” to the people that do not make me feel my best
    • I can step away from the relationship and spend less time with that person
    • I can be honest with them and end the relationship

    Take a good look at your tribe. Make sure there is someone in your tribe that is supportive, and loves you for exactly who you are. It is your gift to them and to yourself to share your vulnerability. Members of your tribe know your vulnerability and love you because of it. There is no reason to hide any part of you from them….ever!

    Journaling allows us to slow down and invite our inner voice to come through. Let your heart dictate your truth and put the voice of your mind on hold. Click on the journal for an example of these guided journal activities.

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    With compassion and honesty, Lisa Moore inspires and shows us how to create a healthy lifestyle, make meaningful connections, and find beauty, grace, and redemption in the messiness of life. She shows us how to find the happiness that is inside each of us. Her wisdom and encouragement have challenged, clarified, and deepened our understanding about what it means to be both parents and children.

    – Beverley and Gary Seehoff

    Lisa has the gift to exactly put her finger on many sensitive topics that moving out from home entail. I find myself in so many situations highlighted in this book, thinking back to the time I left home to go off to college myself. Now, with the help of this book, I recognize many patterns that were (and still are) part of my family’s lives. If I had had this book back then, I – we – could have made some more “mindful” decisions, which could have saved us lots of arguments, tears, and drifting apart.

    – Helene Binder

    Reading Lisa’s book has been an unexpected, emotional journey in every positive way. I read the book on a noisy flight with screaming babies and the hassle that comes with every transit, but it calmed me down immediately and made all the noise fade away. Having once been a teenager who went through a huge transition to attend college in a different culture, I relate to so many challenges and thought processes that Lisa described in her interludes. Over the years, there were emotional struggles between my parents and me that I have already resolved, but Lisa’s words shed new light on them. Being a business and life coach, I have also seen many such challenges reflected in my clients’ struggles to discover themselves and embrace transitions. I can see the exercises of the book being applied in many different ways, to drastically diverse groups from different professions and cultures, and at various stages of life transitions.

     – Chaoxiong You

    In Lisa’s course, I was introduced to a variety of exercises to develop mindfulness and self-confidence. Lisa has extensive knowledge of different practices and provides thorough instructions on how and when to perform them. Activities ranging from drinking tea to performing the mountain pose helped me to put into perspective the bigger pictures in life. Lisa teaches her students to look past any previous struggles and to remain optimistic about the future. If not for Lisa Moore’s course, I would still be struggling today. I personally credit her for helping me bring the calm into my life and for four smooth years in college.

    – Brian Kim

    About Lisa Moore

    Professional Portrait of Lisa Moore

    Lisa Moore has been a teacher of teenagers and their families for the past 30 years. She is best know for her powerful teaching style that brings mindfulness to daily activities.

    Her key teaching mantra is that through discovering and living one’s own truth, we pierce the hearts of those that know us and this opens us up to embrace greater intimacy and love.

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